Considering the dilemma "roller blind or curtain?" Why not decide on both options at the same time? Their This list can have many advantages for our interiors, but there are a few rules to keep in mind to avoid a disordered effect, and mess in our living room (or any other room). Without a doubt, the use of both shields will allow us to increase the occultation effect, but also to help attract more attention on the aesthetics of the window space. Therefore, roller blinds with curtains must be combined skillfully and carefully to ensure that the combination is consistent with the rest decorations and equipment.

An important factor is the choice of fabrics, the texture of the material and the quality of the printing of color. In order to maintain a coherent whole, we choose roller blinds and curtains of similar colours. variants, however, if we want to specify the roller blind / curtain choose a contrasting colour, but keep the consistency under as far as equipment and invoicing are concerned, this is necessary if we want to avoid chaos. Remember that the efficiency of a curtain can be increased by by applying the appropriate wrinkles and decorative loops, they will also affect the reception of the entire composition.