Smart Blinds

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Smart Blinds

Automate your blinds with Smart Blinds motor!

Smart Blinds is an innovative device for remote control of curtains, blinds or blinds. You do not have to get up from a comfortable chair and go to the window to cover or expose the blind, because a practical gadget will do it for you. The product has been designed to make your apartment more "smart" and your life more comfortable and simpler.

  • powered by a solar panel
  • control of the phone application
  • compatible with any blind
  • day/night schedule
  • quiet motor operation
  • simple installation
  • saving time and money
  • visual compatibility
  • several blinds on one device

Smartphone app control

Smart Blinds for material blinds allows you to automatically control the curtains in several ways. The simplest and most convenient method is to control the device using an application that you can download for free from Google Play or AppStore.

After connecting via Bluetooth technology to the drive, you can conveniently issue commands from the program on your phone. The second way of automation is to operate the curtain motor using the intensity of the sun's rays. The built-in light sensor in this model allows you to automatically raise or lower the blinds at dawn and dusk.

You can also control the device with buttons.

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