Silhouette Blinds

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product description

This is a proven combination of roller blinds and shutter blinds that are an exclusive version of both products. The use of two types of sewn fabrics alternately makes the Silhuette blind give you full control over the light in your home or office. Designer's character of tailor-made window covers will fill any interior with finesse and will dissipate the sun's rays providing comfort and a sense of privacy.

  • modern design
  • protects against sunlight
  • function of the shutter blinds
  • finesse of fabric blinds
  • full light control
  • stable and safe installation
  • privacy protection
  • electric drive controlled by remote control
  • the effect of the night of the day

Silhoutte with or without surprint

Silhoutte with surprint

Silhouette roller blind with surprint is a totally personalized product for the ones who love unique style. You can use our prepared variants or design your own one. Send us your project! You can easily apply a fairytale motive in your child room. We also recommend this type of roller blind for companies as it is a splendid promotion item including your logo and the name.


Silhoutte without surprint

Silhouette roller blind without surprint is a basic option. This spatial roller blind made of high quality materials provides you functionality and enjoyable view for years.


examples of product variants